Shared Ownership

Exterior, Interior, Sales & Marketing Various

Social Housing Schemes.

Various Developers Nation wide.

Our client base covers a wide and varied collection of companies, From Architects, Developers, Product Designers, to individuals who are building their dream homes..

Social housing developers have, over the last 10 years moved to match their marketing collaterol with that of private sector developers. Utilising VR and CGI they haveĀ  encorporated the same tools to gain sales of shared ownership properties off plan.

Our VR Tours and stills along with animations have been very successful for planning & sales and marketing.

We have completed many projects across the country working with lots of developers, Both Private Sector and Social Housing Here are a few samples of the projects completed.

  • CGI
  • VR Tours
  • Photo Montage
  • Drone Capture
  • Animation
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Shove are committed to being Carbon Neutral and we want to help our customers and clients do the same by investing in Tree Planting carbon offset schemes for every project completed.

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