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Crematoriums, like all buildings, require planning permission prior to construction.  Our client has designed several over the last few years.  Their designs are varied and locations nationwide.  Some of the sites are existing sites being re purposed others are no more than pin drops in woodlands when we get involved.  We work with the incredible photographer and drone pilot David Cabrera on many of these sites.

Helping our clients to illustrate important developments with respect and consideration is an important part of what we do.

  • Modelling
  • Texturing
  • Drone Capture
  • Photography
Concept Crematorium Photomontage

Its great to see completed schemes. We tend to work on projects 3-5 years ahead of the development starting.  During this period once a scheme has won planning the design will be revised either due to costs or planning requirement also its worth noting on these schemes we work directly with the Architect the Landscape Architect will develop their portion of the project over this time so its quite rare to start a project where every aspect has been signed off.  Either way its always great to see photographs from a site once the project is complete.

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Shove are committed to being Carbon Neutral and we want to help our customers and clients do the same by investing in Tree Planting carbon offset schemes for every project completed.

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