AVR / VVI / VVM / Verified Planning Images

Verified Planning Views, What are they and why are they important?

Referred to as AVR, ( Accurate Visual Representation ) or VVM ( Visually Verified Montages ) or VVI ( Visually Verified Images ) These types of images are techinally a step up from your traditional Photomontage images in that an AVR image uses technical recorded data to accurately match a camera in 3d software that aligns with recorded data supplied by a qualified surveyor.

Some cities across the UK have a specific framework focused around key protected views of say a landmark site and any proposed tall building or a development must show they are not impacting upon.

Winning planning in these contentious locations, or for tall buildings, come with certain challenges. With the help of a Visual Impact assessment however the proposals can be shown accurately from a pre selected set of viewpoint locations around the site location.

With our verified photomontages, you get an incredibly accurate, to-scale images that show exactly how your project will look in its actual location once built. These realistic views are a powerful tool to help secure planning consent across the UK.

Our verified views methodology is built on the solid guidelines from the Landscape Institute and years of experience, ensuring every image is reliable and accurately produced.

These photomontages often provide the first clear vision of a completed development, making precision essential. We use the latest industry technology to create whichever AVR classification AVR0 through to AVR4 is requested, giving you a true-to-life representation of your proposed development.

All data is recorded logged and provided along with our Methodlogy Statement in a final presentation whcih is included along with the wider scope of planning infomation where you can see the before & after for each location requested.

Below are some screen shots from a VVI project we completed last summer for our client Cambridge Investment Partnership for the development on Fanshawe Road in Cambridge, this will be a development of new council homes to meet the citys housing needs with a landscape led scheme that focuses heavily on sustainability.  The scheme has been designed by MOLE architects.

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Shove are committed to being Carbon Neutral and we want to help our customers and clients do the same by investing in Tree Planting carbon offset schemes for every project completed.

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